Zaya Jones

Zaya Jones, BS, BA, MS

Medicine, Learning, and Growth

Rocky Vista University

Osteopathic Medical Student



Hi I'm Zaya, I'm a first year medical student at RVU in beautiful southern Utah! Welcome to my portfolio! I have linked my CIM assessments, past experiences, and a neat button to download my CV.

Since starting school, I've joined a few student organizations including SOMA and AMWA. I've also taken up the mantle of Student Director of the RVU blood drive in conjunction with the Red Cross. I hope to see you guys at the next blood drive on December 4, 2019!


I've been lucky enough to be involved in a few service projects on campus and recently took up the mantle of being the Red Cross RVU Blood drive Director. Our next drive is December 4, 2019 and I will be sure to take many pictures so you can see it on here.

Below you'll find pictures and details of each of the events I've helped in so far.

Zaya Jones At the White Coat Ceremony


Thoughts, ideas, and assessments

CiM assessments

CIM Assessments

Let's see what the AAMC thinks I should do!

Zaya Jones Goals


The next few minutes to the next 20 years

Outside of Medicine

Zaya Jones Outside of Medicine

Outside of Medicine

So far with how busy medical school is, I'm still learning to balance my life outside of medicine with studying. Nonetheless, in my free time, I'm an enthusiastic traveller, cooker, and hobby knitter. My husband and I also enjoy hiking (usually of the pedestrian variety) and trying new recipes and restaurants. I also love arts and crafts, like bullet journaling and DIY projects.

Contact Information

t: +1(916)-281-7417