Medical school is a different beast. Not just in terms of the amount of information you have to learn, but in the way it forces you to confront yourself at your worst and at your best. Then it asks you to become a better version of your best self. Part of that is doing things that are sometimes out of your comfort zone. For me, that has been always being part of the school. As you can see below, I've been trying to be more involved and I'm glad I have done so. Below you can browse through each of the new memories I've made since I've started school. From orientation day to the Fall Festival and more!

BNGAP National Conference Room

BNGAP National Conference

Nov 01 2019

Attended a conference that went into the details of academic medicine, the steps to pursuing it as a career, and why the need is ever so high currently.

Rocky Vista Southern Utah Campus Clean Up

Campus Clean Up

Oct 28 2019

I participated in a campus clean-up event following the Fall Festival! Keeping our campus trash free and beautiful!

Helping out at the Fall Festival at the Soma Booth

2019 Fall Festival at Rocky Vista

Oct 26 2019

Helping out at SOMA booth at the Fall Festival. We taught all the kids the importance of brushing their teeth for 2 min 2x a day!

Ironing at Day for Girls Activity

Days For Girls Activity

Oct 18 2019

We made feminine hygiene kits for Days for Girls International program with the AMWA club on campus. Days for Girls aims to increase access to menstrual care and education for girls all over the world.

Health Fair Southern Utah Blood Pressure Checking

Volunteering at Community Health Fair

Oct 06 2019

I volunteered with my PCM preceptor, Dr. Brown at the community health fair. We screened individuals for BMI, BP, as well as blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

Volunteering at St George Marathon

St George Marathon

Oct 05 2019

As a class we helped out at the St George Marathon. We set up a stall, providing the participants with icy/hot rubdowns, food, and water to support them in their quest to finish a marathon.

Zaya Jones at the White Coat Ceremony Rocky Vista Southern Utah Campus

White Coat Ceremony - Class of 2023

Sep 28 2019

Our official inauguration ceremony that marks the beginning of our careers in medicine.

Hiking Up Red Mountain Outside Rocky Vista University Southern Utah Campus, Ivins

RVU Students Red Mountain Hike

Jul 19 2019

My fellow classmates and I hiked up the Red Mountain (the one behind the school) early in the morning before the heat set in. I fell once and I still have a scar to prove my trek up to the top!

Escape Room 3

Escape Room Team Building Exercise

Jul 18 2019

As a group we took part in team building exercises to solve challenges and puzzles.

Utah Food bank Helping Sort all the goods for delivery.

Utah Food Bank Service Day Project

Jul 17 2019

Volunteered as a class at the Utah Food Bank to help package food, household products and more during their Service Day Project. We all sorted 43,398 pounds of items and created a total of 48 pallets for delivery.

RVU Class 2023 Orientation

RVU - Orientation Day Class 2023

Jul 16 2019

This was the first Orientation Day. It was an exciting to take part in various group activities and listen to talks from the faculty.